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With Laser Technology you can process a lot of different Materials. The big advantage is, the Laser is a touchless tool with a diameter in the um range, depending on the Wavelength. With laser you can realize very accurate products with very complex Designs. In the Textile Industry for example you can realize new fashion styles, which is only possible with Laser Technology. The examples are nearly endless. 

The main materials we can process in our Production in Sri Lanka are:

Acrlylic Glass All kind of Fabric for the Garment Industry Wood
Glass  Granite, Marble Plastic
Acrylic (PMMA)  Anodized Aluminium Aramid Composite material 
Cork  Fibre glass MDF 
Porcelain Multiplex Paper  PET/ PETG 
Plastic Plywood stoneware
Polyimide (PI) Polyamide Polyester (PES)
Veneer Wood Polystyrene (PS) Polyurethane (PUR)

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For best efficiency and cost control of production you must also know how to use the Laser Technology, which parameters are best, and which Laser is best.
Here BB TEC has a long year experience, and can secure, that customers get best Quality and best products.